Saturday 17 March 2007

That tired old light bulb joke! - # 49

How many us are needed to change a light bulb here? We draw lots and take fear counselling.
Finding nothing that needed repairing in Ham House I lay down on the floor and took a photo of the ceiling above the main Hall. When we change these bulbs it's a great event, and great fun is had by all. Robin gets very upset when we rattle the scaffold....which, of course we do not do.


  1. I really love the photo but the palace too (Victorian?) is absolutely lovely even if, yes, to change that lamp could be difficult :-)

  2. Love you photo's, didn't know you are a fan of Jazz music. I like it very much (modern Jazz)

  3. Is this a modern fitting (surely not)?

    How about having to change the original fitting without modern gear - i.e. when the house was first built.

    But maybe it was candles, etc. then.

    Erg. Makes me dizzy just to think about it.

  4. No of course you don't you horrors. Brr.