Monday 5 March 2007

The epitome of stylish living 1896 - # 37

After showing you the English urban architectural style of the 1700s (yesterday's Georgian houses were built in 1711), I will treat you here to this magnificent row of terraced houses built around 1896. Unfortunately, although there is a garden at the back, there is nowhere to park the car! What lack of foresight!! On the otherhand, after buying the house you may not be able to afford the car!!!!


  1. I love your sense of humour and thanks for comment on Monte Carlo DP. You cheer my day. Yeah I know I shouldn't need it cheering! Nice houses - cheaper to live in France!

    Jilly x

  2. the uppertan? do you live there, on your profilephoto you drive a car.
    Nice photo and houses

  3. I think it is because they didn't have cars in the late 1800s. :-)

    In Brooklyn, there are a lot of "brownstones" like these too. They have nice little backyards but no parking in the front. Everyone has to park on the street, which can be a pain due to 'alternative side parking' rules - Monday, Wednesday & Friday, park on the right of the street; Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday on the left side of the street. No parking rules on Sunday. :-)

  4. I really love these houses. How much are they now?

  5. the houses look wonderful!
    they choose the nice colours for out walls and windows.

    and Ming, thats very interesting!


  6. Beautiful houses! That's a great photo! Marc

  7. You can't beat solid old bricks and mortar, they very similar to Curly's small family hall.