Wednesday 14 March 2007

The cafes of Richmond 6 - # 46

Who's oiling my sunburn? Who's taking care of my global warming? Who's feeding off my latest City of London bonus? Can you remember where I left my carbon footprint?

Carluccios has arrived in Richmond! I'm not sure if this means that Carluccios has "Arrived", or that Richmond has "Arrived". Either way one may feel graced, and pleased by the other.

Carluccios is a sympton of the "New Britain" - glitzy and brash - probably a bit like "big city" Britain always was, actually; except for a short period between 1945 and 1985. (Warmongers note: that's how long it takes to fully recover).

Climate change has brought us out onto the streets in a big way. The continental street cafe style suits us. The taste for bright spot lights to add glitz, and external heating elements to warm the temperate evenings for outdoor diners might prove to be a clear target for the new breed of "eco-puritans" to attack. (Can't they wear thick undervests, for heaven's sake?)

This certainly is not the Britain of "warm beer and old maids cycling to church on Sundays", but it's typical of life around our big cities today.

In case any of you are worried: this cafe/restaurant is within 100 meters of the superb "Orange Tree" theatre, and about 200 meters of the equally good "Richmond Theatre". Yes, you can have it all in Richmond upon Thames.


  1. I say anyone offering an alternative to British cuisine (an oxymoron?)should be welcomed ;-)

    Thanks for your left-handed compliment on my blog; if you want a good laugh, here's a link to my current Kodak digital

  2. Oh, enjoy!

    My area (East Marylebone/Fitzrovia) has a Carluccio's. It is glitzy, btw, but certainly not brash. Sitting outside on light evenings is one of the pleasures of London.

  3. I like your questions, these are endless, answers last so soon.

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  4. Is it anything to do with Antonio - of Neals Yards infamy? I've been away from the UK for a while