Saturday 10 March 2007

Simple, joyful, miraculous - # 42

This is not a prize winning nature photograph. It is bottom of the list in that category.
It is a simple snap shot photo that shows the beauty of colour, light, texture, material structure; the endlessly fascinating mysteries of the universe that are right at our feet, for every creature to see and enjoy, and puzzle over.


  1. prize winning photographers didnt set out to win prizes. That said, i think this a fine photo!

  2. I can not get enough looking these flower pictures, thanks for these. I asked my husband to look at them ,because it takes still many weeks before we can enjoy first crocus or daffodil.
    I like this crocus colour extremely much.

  3. A symphony in purple! Love the simplicity of the photo.

  4. As isabella said the semplicity of this photo it's its beauty.

    Thank you to your "trip" on my blog that it's about Torino not Milan that it's a nice city but it never been Capital of Italy and never hosted Italian Parliament as Torino did in Palazzo Carignano.

  5. :P
    i like this purple colour!!
    whatever it is....a prize or the sight at our feet...its beautiful. thats enough!!

    shanghai daily photo

  6. just lovely - spring is around the corner!

  7. Dear Chuckeroon,

    I have no right to make off with this crocus pic. I can take my own crocus pics.

    It is so beautiful: it shows what you call 'the material structure' perfectly. I keep trying to train my camera to do this but alas its lens needs a lens.

    I've put the pic and its caption up on my London blog. I will try to take a picture (of my own patch Central London) to send to you.