Sunday 14 October 2007

Cogitating - # 260

Oh, hallo. Yes, sit down: chat. Nothing's happening here, just now.

You know, yesterday, Isabella and that Blogwatcher bloke made some interesting points.

The Dysart was built in 1902 as a "real English pub", and now it's moved into being a stylish destination for good "Real Ale" fine wine, food and excellent music. But what it's really done is follow the demographic and economic transformation of the area.

100 years ago Ham and Petersham was an out the way bend in the river: home to market gardeners, cottage dwellers and a remarkable collection of mansions built for first rate early 18th C gentry. By the 1930-40's it was home to a cutting edge aircraft factory building advanced military aircraft, and a secret anti-aircraft radar research establishment hiding in a mock church tower. Now, the village is home to music and media millionaires, leading academics and captains of industry, all living cheek by jowel with a good selection of "ordinary folk".

In it's own funny way the transformation of the Dysart Arms from "English pub" to "music venue" charts the rise of economic and social fortune.


  1. Lovely atmosphere...where is my chair...

  2. Perfect title.
    Are those some kind of special fishing pants he's wearing?
    So.. which are you - a millionaire,
    a "captain" or just plain ordinary?

  3. I was going to comment yesterday that there was no such thing visually as the real English pub - only a multitude of different convivial establishments. If there is one thing that distinguishes the English pub it is ale and pub food.

    Today? A bad days fishing beats a good days working...

  4. So good to catch up with your stunning photos!!! I have missed them very much.