Thursday 4 October 2007

The substance of all illusions - # 250

(...a bit late today having spent part of my "blog time" mending a bicycle tyre). Thanks to all who commented and helped to develop a nice little discussion yesterday around my "illusions" created with mud, sky, pebbles and water. I had planned to end with this - and you all brought the conversation nicely around to it. This is what they are made of: bits of this and that, and sometimes tatty. But when you pick them up and dream they can be powerful. (I hope that's not trite. I think my old English master might have looked down his nose at me.)

I think I am happier struggling with the camera to make a "photograph", rather than playing at "graphic art". But I have enjoyed the week.......I wish you an (early) Happy Weekend.

1 comment:

  1. I'm with you - I like to "find" pictures, not to "make" them