Tuesday 2 October 2007

Turbulent sky, calm pond- # 248

Striving to make the best of some very dull weather, I continued to enjoy the reflections in the pond.

Suddenly the sun began to burn through the cloud and this dramatic effect appeared.

I was photographing the stick in the water. Suddenly it took on the appearance of a flying broomstick out of a Harry Potter story, shot down and lying wrecked in a magical sea, or perhaps a derelict space ship in a primordial gas cloud close to the beginning of time (well, something like that, probably, eh?


  1. This is just fabulous - and, as always,enhanced by your commentary - and your final comment,which made me fall about....

  2. Reflections are always good...but this is exceptional. Great photo Chuckers! Greetings from Toruń...where today there are pictures of not one but TWO European presidents!

  3. Nice photograph. I like it and your comment about the reflection.

  4. Aye - there's nowt like a good imagination

  5. Very nice image! It is fun trying to get pics when the conditions are not perfect.

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