Sunday 7 October 2007

Lunch on the terrace - # 253

Now you can all see what yesterday's pigeon found so interesting. The terrace at Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park is enjoyable, rain or shine, and if you look hard you can see the pin prick that is Windsor Castle about 15 miles away, and even all the way to the Chiltern Hills.

P.S....sorry, Richard, but the photographic fashion model is just out of shot beyond the right hand border. You have to take my word for that.


  1. So, the vines or limbs are trained along some sort of grid, right? I thought when I clicked to enlarge the photo that I could see that going on, so I'm curious.

    Your photos and your sense of humor that shows up in your comments are such a treat!

    Thanks for your visits to Portland (OR) Daily Photo. Mama and I have not been to Three Doors Down Cafe in a month or more, so we're due for the good chew you mentioned. It will be on a Sunday to be sure because I want some of those meatballs!

  2. The pigeon had good taste. Very nice under the vines.

  3. What kind of food do they serve here? It looks like a great place to enjoy a lazy afternoon under the sun.

  4. bah! going to call you teaseroon from now on...