Monday 8 October 2007

Teddington weir- # 254

About 25 miles upstream from the mouth of the Thames is Teddington Lock. This is the limit of the tidal run of the river.
Just out of shot on the right bank are Teddington film and TV studios.


  1. Gotcha! It's good, but it's not quite perfect (Teddington wot?)

  2. @richard....just testing. I think the horizon's a bit wonky, too. My usual tilt down to the right (looking for photographic fashion models).

  3. Oh beautiful! Such a gorgeous part of the Thames. Lovely photo.

  4. I do like the photo. Lots of details enlarged. I notice your foilage is turning too. About the tilt...I have that same problem with some cameras. I used to worry about it but gave that up as it didn't make it level.

  5. What films and TV programmes have they made at Teddington studios?

  6. I can understand you much better on your own blog!
    Do you dumb it down for us?
    You say such "smart stuff" over at Richards.
    And may I say, you look slightly nutty in your profile photo (which I believe to always be a very admirable quality).