Tuesday 30 October 2007

Look up, not down, and beware of the "straight ahead" - # 277

Here is another "out of the ordinary" view of Ham House. Enlarge the picture to see the fine detail around the edge of the roof. How many people ever bother to look up to discover such detail? The master builders and the commissioning owner obviously paid attention to detail - (not cheap!)
Ref. some comments on yesterday's post: make no mistake, the house is in fine condition considering it was built in 1610! We strive to keep it that way.
New comers to R u T DP may like to look back at posts #9, 10, 11,12, 34, 49, 65 to see a hint of some of the things I get up to.


  1. You are absolutely right, and it makes you wonder, when architects and craftsmen produce these sort of details, what are their expectations. Fabrizio over in Torino is of course someone else adept at raising his eyes above the horizontal.

  2. I can't enlarge the photo because, even with my Seabands on, the current-sized photo gave me a swift bout of vertigo. Still and all, it certainly looks and sounds interesting!

  3. Maybe the ancient architects thought about bloggers. Bloggers look for "details"!
    Amazing how "new" this building looks!

  4. Whoah - that's makes me feel quite giddy. What a great angle - very effective!!!!

    I am one who always like the small details - especially around doors and windows!!!