Saturday 6 October 2007

The Opportunist - # 252

Friday was gorgeous: in full sunshine up on the west facing scarp of Richmond Park, enjoying the terrace of Pembroke Lodge, the lone pigeon (strangely alone in fact - where were all his pestilential allies?) surveyed the lunchers and "Kaffeeklatschers", the photographic fashion models visiting their mothers for the weekend, and entrepreneurs hatching new retail concepts in congenial surroundings. He waited for me to capture him on his perch and then swooped down across my table just to demonstrate his superb flying ability. I love to watch pigeons flying. They are so skilled.


  1. Look at that blue sky! No wonder you commented on mists on Menton (I left a response for you, by the way).

    Really like the detail on the building and the way you've included the tree. Long may the sun shine.

  2. Thanks for comment on Menton. Don't think I can make those adjustments to my camera as it's a Canon Ixus 850 IS. On the other hand, Maybe I should not use the automatic setting, move it to manual and make adjustments, although I don't believe I've ever seen numbers such as you suggest. Mine is just point and click really! I have noticed that in very bright sunlight, the colours are too sharp and hard. This morning tho it wasn't that bright actually with that low mist in places.

  3. Chuckeroon, apologies. Above should have gone on my blog, not your's! Please send your email address (can't find it) to so I can write you privately on this. Much appreciate the advice.

    Thanks. J x

  4. Some of what was suggested can be done in programs like photoshop.

    It is a nice photograph.

    Thanks again.

    Flat-out different: Brookville, Ohio 45309

  5. That's a pretty sharp photo - although your commentary has me a bit puzzled. Did I miss something? Fashion models? And yes, pigeons are great fliers, why do they insist on acting like vermin