Tuesday 16 October 2007

View towards Petersham from the ridge, Richmond Park- # 262

A postcard snap; looking down from the high slope of Richmond Park towards the entry to Petersham Village - (a much photographed scene).

We can see the 17th C St. Peter's church, an 18th C house (good looking but nothing out of the ordinary for the area) and the 1902 "Arts & Crafts" style pub "The Dysart Arms", with its oak beams and English style red-tiled pitched roof and mock Tudor style chimneys.

In the distance are the public housing tower blocks of Brentford, at the point where the historic Grand Union Canal enters the Thames http://www.canaljunction.com/canal/grand_union.htm. Just out of sight behind the tower blocks is the start of the so called "Golden Mile" with the iconic and magnificent 1930s Art Deco factory buildings http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_Mile_%28Brentford%29 some of which were featured in earlier posts.


  1. I really like the cosy feeling with the buildings nestling in the trees. Nice variety of foliage and persepctive

  2. @Richard.....I chose the picture precisely for the reason of "perspective" and building clusters - i.e. visual and historical perspective. The 3 Petersham buildings are themselves a unique "time unit" spanning 400 yrs and the "brutalist" social housing blocks behind add another dimension. It seemed appropriate to add in the other references to industrial and architectural history. I have found that it is never easy to photograph this simple view. There is often an annoying hazyness (as in this photo) and somehow it never quite "works". It's better to see it and remember, than to take a hackneyed snap.

  3. Hi Chuckeroon! Just to let you know that I have tagged you over at Toruń Daily Photo. Pop on over and follow the instructions!

  4. I know I've missed the point of what you were trying to achieve with this shot, but I love to enlarge your photos and look at the detail.
    I like the spooky tree on the right and wonder what that woman is doing in the long grass.

  5. @freefalling......how have you missed the point? Looking and thinking is the point. "What does this image do for you?" At least you look and you find something to that you enjoy. Thanks.