Monday 29 October 2007

Ham House - # 276

Regulars know they will find other views of Ham House on this site. Nevertheless I have decided to show this unconventional image. Unfortunately the sun caused a flare (no lens hood on my Olympus C7070 compact) but never mind. This shot was taken at about 09.00 hrs with the camera pointing due south.

I wanted to get the "bright side/dark side" effect and also to emphasise the windows against the black silhouette effect.

The house was built in 1610, and as some of you know, I spend time there helping to repair the unrepairable. (The right hand side bar has a link to Ham House which is now closed for the winter but will open over the Christmas period, enhanced by the Christmas fairy lights display I will have helped to design and lay out)


  1. Hi me strange but I like the sun's often the imperfections that makes a thing beautiful...

  2. This is so interesting, especially compared to your June 29th photo of Ham House. Such a beautiful building and good for you helping repair it. Personally i wasn't aware it was in disrepair. What a pity. Maybe the Lotto would help?!

    Like both photos - and those wonderful wild flower shots and walks that appeared when I clicked on Ham House.

  3. Gives the house a totally different look - both the treatment and the viewpoint. More Manderley or even Bates Motel than the rather urbane squire-ishness of the conventional view.

  4. So what do you do/repair at the house?

    Or do you string Christmas lights to make it pretty. :-)


  5. Very interesting treatment - you have made it most dark and forebidden - I love how you can set the scene and change the atmosphere with a camera!!!!

    Ps I have added you to my favourites (not because you have just become a favourite - you have been for ages - just because i remembered to do it now!!!)

  6. Yes, a different look! Now we wait for the Xmas version!

  7. Gives it a spooky effect for Halloween!