Wednesday 31 October 2007

some less usual views of Ham House (contd)- # 278

I'm trying to present a few unusual, or slightly unexpected and unconventional snaps of Ham House. I'm sorry if yesterday's made some of you feel queasy:......that's good! I succeeded!

As you walk down Melancholy Walk towards the Thames.......

you will pass a break in the high wall (look closely at the photo of the Walk and you will see a trace of the gap part-hidden between the trees on the right).
This gap was purposely engineered by the garden designer (perhaps later in time as the house developed and as the centuries progressed) to create a delightful vista outwards from the gardens, and as we see, looking inwards from the outside.
The sudden appearance of the house, like this, is a delightful surprise. It's hard to believe you are seeing something that is almost 400 years old.


  1. .. feel that way every morning when I look in the mirror

  2. Still very muc impressed by the eternal youth of this building!