Thursday 1 February 2007

The 500 yr long queue - #5

This is the last foot ferry in existence across the Thames, at Ham. For hundreds of years these crossings were essential, because bridges were too expensive and difficult to build. This ferry site was the monopoly business of the Earl of Dysart for hundreds of years until Mr. Hammerton set up a rival ferry on this crossing, about 200 metres away from where the Earl's boat was operating. The Earl tried to stop him, but Parliament, for some reason, supported Hammerton, and now his successors still operate the last remaining foot ferry service on the Thames. You can see that it is still a valued service, even in the age of the car and bus.


  1. the old ferry let me think of the history, anyway.
    Now we live in the modern society.We are using lots of modern facilities, equipments...sometimes i am wondering if we forget the original ways to live, i mean the simple and old and original ways, someday when the energy is to live??
    Just like this kind of simple and old ferry...very much.


  2. Welcome to the DP community and greetings from Cherbourg-Octeville (France).

  3. This is one of the reasons I like living in this out of the way part of Tenerife, because many things are still done the old way. There used to be a ferry from Lower Sunbury to the island at Sunbury lock, but if you say this is the last, I take it that one must be long gone. Reckon I only used it twice in the 20 years I was there, mind you, which might have been indicative of the demand.