Sunday 18 February 2007

Hand crafted nuclear submarines - # 22

Look closely at the sign and you will see that some wag has added a comment! This workshop by the bridge has been building hand-crafted Thames style skiffs and punts for over 100 years. At the moment they have two brand new Thames racing punts in building. The magnificent typical Thames pleasure skiff in the picture has just been rolled out after a refurbishment. Looking closely I would guess it is 100 yrs old, or not far off. The great Victorian engineers brought one underground and two overground railway lines to Richmond, and for 130 years the riverside at Richmond has been easilly accessible to young gents from all over London to enjoy the river and serenade their sweethearts whilst showing off thier muscles as the row skiffs like this, hired from alongside the bridge. It's the same, even today.


  1. First of all, Chuckeroon, thanks for visiting my Guelph blog! Much appreciated! I'm so enjoying travelling the world through these City Blogs.

    I noticed the comment put on the sign before I read your text and I had a giggle.

    What fantastic vessels and great photography too!

    I'll be back!

    (Now about those links!) :)

  2. Great restoration job - what kind of wood is it? I love the wrought iron bench...Venetian gondolas have nothing on your skiffs!

  3. What a lovely tiny wooden boat! That's a clear and beautiful pic

  4. Beautiful! With that sharp of keel, I'll bet getting in and out takes some skill. :)

  5. Great photo! Nothing like the old boats.