Friday 9 February 2007

Living the British Dream - # 13

These young men are immigrant refugee Kurds. They work like demons, and do a superb job on your car. Their service has taken off like a rocket, because people like their style, their friendliness, the way they do their job, and are pleased to have them working on the local shopping parade. Three doors away there is an Iraqi who offers an excellent dry cleaning service. Next door there is a Pakistani trader who runs a good shop, and there is a superb Lebanese nearby. Round the corner there is a Sikh....ALL are doing well, and a pleasure to do business with. The others are English, white, and the salt of the earth. That's Britain.....welcoming to anyone who seeks a safe, law abiding, open society, that cares about freedom and what it means to be really free.


  1. You make a good point - I guess that's one reason England's economy is so strong!

  2. I only wish it was always safe and law abiding. You have only to read any daily newspaper for current affairs. Either you have rose tinted lenses or your neighbourhood is unique considering this rich mix of culture. Good luck to them anyway! Sounds great.

  3. It's great to see a nice mix of cultures; I don't see that too often here in Alaska.
    I'd been planning to move to London, actually to neighborhoods outside the city, but it's really hard to find employers that will apply for your work permit. I'd be afraid i'd move there, and then run out of my money before I found a job that i can get my work permit! Too bad we're not a part of the EU!