Wednesday 28 February 2007

Myths are perpetuated, but the camera never lies - # 32

It is a myth perpetuated by foreigners (mostly working in the French Tourist Agency) that England is a gloomy rain sodden place for 362 days a year.
My trusty Olympus camera gives you the stunningly lovely 18th Century view of the Thames from Kew Bridge looking down river towards Strand on the Green.


  1. what a wide river... It must be really wonderful this 3 days of sun! ;)

  2. Agree with Dsole, the river is wide. I can see the bird in the sky :)

  3. Oh, the famous British dry humour - where were you yesterday when I needed you?

  4. oh...
    nice view. it reminds me some Chinese old phrase: shui3 tian1 yi2 se4(水天一色)means the sky and the water got the same colour.
    I think it is!!Right??

    by the way,I am back again.

  5. Thank you for coming to my blog and commenting.

    I looked at your picture and read your post and then ran your photo through Photoshop to bring out some of what is hidden in the shadows and it doesn't look as gloomy and rain sodden place.

    An interesting post.

  6. I just started in the bloggingworld,
    Nice photos you show. I will visit your blog more often.

  7. Sorry, it still looks gloomy to me!

    (Actually I love England, my Mum grew up there and I have lived there for a year and a half).

  8. Hey 'roon!

    You're a cryptic chap - which I like... on the 32nd in UP? This is your 32nd post... UP? My 32nd post is Roasted Veg...

    I know who P is....



  9. Thanks Chuckeroon for leaving the comment on my blog. I used to live in Putney - also Wimbledon - so I know this sort of scene and love it.

    See my Menton DP blog for better weather!