Saturday 17 February 2007

Oooops - # 21

Two things are happening here:
1. You are not seeing what you might think you are seeing.
2. You are seeing a fine example of a Land Rover "Defender" with complete roll-over kit.
As you can see....such kit might be essential for driving in Richmond upon Thames.
The moral......never jump to make conclusions until you have the facts.


  1. 1. What I'm not seeing is 'roon's avatar in which he's quite possibly driving a Land Rover
    2. What I am seeing is a woeful waste of gas...and money ;-)

  2. I am absolutely certain that the hand crafted 'roo bars, the 3 litre engine, combined with very high profile tyres will come in very handy when faced with that "rough bit of grass verge" outside Sainsburys.