Wednesday 21 February 2007

What does it all mean? - # 25

Being close to London, Richmond does have a grittier side, but it is very hard to find. I came across this baffling vision in a forgotten, out of the way alley. It's a typical "Gotham City" scene. I wondered what's behind it. Is this where an alien invader dropped his disguise before the mother-ship beamed him up?


  1. Wow, this could be a Richmond, VA alley, too. There's a cart sitting a block away from us filled with some homeless person's belongings. No one has moved the cart in two weeks. Wonder what happened to the guy. Maybe the two missing from different Richmonds fell into the Richmond Vortex.

  2. You never know what happened but maybe the person robbed a bank and came here to change clothes. Things like that are more likely to happen than being beamed-up. LOL

  3. seems like a perfectly good place to eliminate clothing....!