Tuesday 13 February 2007

Cute view of Richmond Bridge - # 17

Trotting downriver from Petersham Meadows towards Richmond 'roony stops to admire the aspect of Richmond Bridge glimpsed through the trees. The bridge was finished in 1777. The next bridge would have been 3 miles away at Kew and then nothing for about 10 miles 'til Westminster. It will about 1840 before any more bridges are built between here and London. By about 1842 the railway will arrive in Richmond!! That's hi-tech for you!!!


  1. Hey 'roon,

    3 things I'd like to say...

    1) This is a really nice shot. Very regal 19th century feel for me... Of course I'm most likely wrong there!

    2)I really like the day by day realism of your posts. It's not all affluent Richmond, but some of the realism around...

    3) The shoe photos are much apreciated! They seem to match my friend...

    All the best 'roon,



  2. A lovely bridge scene. . .very serene. Thanks for visiting SDP today and leaving a comment. I thought the MG might be of interest to my UK friends. My dad had a Sprite when I was a kid, and my college friend had the little convertable sports car. Me, I wanted a classic MG GT for the longest time. . .never did go after that--too practical, and broke! Did your son have special interest in the 1100? Thanks,

  3. Love how you framed the bridge. :)

  4. nice shot.
    really happy to see more beautiful views and more knowledge about there.

    HAPPY Vanlentine's Day.