Monday 5 February 2007

A peek inside the absloute Centre of Intrigue! - # 9

In 1672 "THE PLACE where you must be seen" was Ham House (built in 1610). Very powerful people met here and shaped the future of England and the United Kingdom of Great Britain. You can read more by clicking on the National Trust link in my side bar. Over the next couple of days I'll show you some photos of a little restoration project I have been helping with.


  1. I think I may have to consider Ham House in London for the purposes if I make it down there ;-)

  2. lol tailor made for you Ham!

    Is it here that Tommy Steele used to live? If not, where was that, you know the huge house on the sharp bend, don't even ask me the name of the road, i'm sure you know it though Chuckeroon. lol

  3. Ho,ho. I will administer the poison to Ham over the "All day breakfast" in the Orangery cafe!

    And, lol, I can assure you absolutely that T. Steele did NOT live in Ham House.....but Michael Jagger might have wanted to. But, your gegraphy is very accurate: the spot in question is very close by.

  4. Ham came instantly to mind. It is fascinating to think how old this house is and all the things that must have occurred within its walls. Can't wait to see more photos, Chuckeroon. Thanks for visiting my DPs. Have a good week!

  5. Thanks for leaving the note on my blog. I will be watching.

    It's really interesting seeing your Richmond considering that my Richmond was named for yours. In 1672, the colonists were just getting established, an unfortunate occurance for the Native American peoples. Also during this time my ancestors left the Scotland bound for this wild territory. Your Centre of Intrigue has been there through all. Marvelous.

    Thanks for sharing your neighborhood. :)