Friday 2 February 2007

Still hunkered down for winter - # 6

Richmond residents "sit it out" waiting for better weather. The heron is a "standard fixture" and seems to have become quite tolerant of humans invading his/her privacy.


  1. When I saw this photo the expression of the birds and the way they all all standing there made me think they wer a part of some sort of Navy with Admiral Heron. We have lots of Great Blue Heron along our river and they are especially fun to watch around May when the males are putting on their show.

    Thanks for your visit to my blog by the way.

  2. As if they were waiting for something...nice one!

  3. Just think, Phillipp, that's probably how Karl Moritz saw them. I was down at the bridge today. It was built 1777, just in time for young Karl's visit!

  4. :p
    look at those " soldiers...
    so interesting and beautiful photo.