Wednesday 14 February 2007

The cafes of Richmond 1 - # 18

'roony leaves the river via Friar's Lane, lopes across The Green, nips up the alley opposite the Magistrates' Court and emerges on The Quadrant, opposite the railway station. Skillfully deploying his 5th life he darts safely across the road, through the dangerous voila!! Maison de ville par excellence!!!!! Get there early to enjoy the window full of the most magnificent patisserie that will delight even Eric in Paris itself. HAPPY St. VALENTINE'S DAY and love to you all.


  1. But can they make a decent pain au chocolat?
    PS Be careful with all that nipping across busy roads - you've only got 4 lives left ;-)))
    And I'd like to hear in what circumstances you've lost the previous 4!

  2. looks tasty and inviting!
    Happy Valentine's Day from Minneapolis!

  3. :)
    sweet heart for the V day!!

    p.s. i love that red and pink chairs in the distance.