Saturday 24 February 2007

The cafes of Richmond 3 - # 28

At the junction of The Quadrant and George St we find.....La Fornaia: good value for money, cosy, free newspapers in the rack, theatre play bills on the wall, rugby shirts around the upper shelves. Here, for all to see, is the "All-day Breakfast", which includes a mug of tea or a well-made frothy cappuccino.


  1. Ok, Chuck, you're a reasonably intelligent guy ;-), could you please explain to me the necessity to include (swallowing hard now) beans at breakfast? As much as I enjoyed my sejour in London, I could never get used to that...

    PS Are you coming to my party today?

  2. Beans for breakfast? I never heard of that until isabella mentioned it. But then I think it depends on the country of origin.

    Thanks for stopping and having a look at my Pileated Woodpecker.

  3. With a breakfast like that, at least you'll be enjoying yourself while clogging your arteries!

    Abe, you're right about country of origin. I live in the US but I'm from the UK, so baked beans for breakfast don't strike me as odd, whereas eggs, bacon, pancakes, and maple syrup ... Yuk!

  4. Yes, we had a mess something like you described this morning for breakfast that I got at -- are you ready for this -- mcdonalds. Yuk. Unreal eggs, hashbrown potato imitations, sausage that saw better days down on the pig farm and maple syrup has been, watered down. All in all it cost me $8.00 US Dollars. I agree passante with you words about our breakfast. The best ones I ever ate looks awful but is delivious. Fried corn meal mush and soft fried eggs, mashed together with a fork. Looks real bad and people in some restaurants have actually got up and moved away from us when I begin to make this mess but oh my I would renounce my thrown for one helping of that anyday.

    Thanks for coming over to my place.

  5. I like the looks of this though it does seem a healthy helping. Beans are best in a breakfast taco! Which I never had until I moved to South Texas and now I see the love for the breakfast taco...beans & egg, beans & bacon, bacon, bean AND about heart stoppers. If you come to Texas (south) you must try these tacos.

  6. Yes and very nice they are too - I occasionaly have one over here when I'm in need of some comfort food, but the old arteries probably could do without it - unless I'm going out to plough a few fields of course, which rarely happens