Friday 23 February 2007

Go with the weather - # 27

My photography magazine article said "Don't moan about the weather; go with it". So, here we go.............."The weather". When I see weather like this I think of the first sun-blessed Jamaican immigrants who started to arrive in Britain in 1948. Any who arrived in the winter, to a post War Britain locked in the grey misery of 1948, must have had a big shock. John Le Carre has a wonderful line in his recent "Absolute Friends": "1950's Britain - land of shortages and the 40 watt electric bulb". Few of us can even imagine that today. I can only recall a happy childhood.


  1. Can't go very far in this weather, can you? ;-)

    Love Le Carre - he stays consistantly good through the years, very rare.

  2. Great Le Carr line. The only UK weather with which I have experience is Scotland. It really does change every few minutes.

    Love the tile from yesterday, by the way.