Wednesday 7 February 2007

Uncertainty in a multidimentional environment - #11

Here we are in the library testing the "Marque 1" plastic lid. We are placing the leather cover and then testing it all for a "zero snag" lift, and a "not too tight fit" plus some other "issues". We are also testing the stability of the plastic lid as it rests on the "equator ring" of the globe. This sounds like a lot, but there are good reasons when dealing with valuable things that are 250 years old. After this test we had to dismantle and downsize the plastic lid by 1/2 centimeter on each of the 9 sections. I was wishing for a digital 3 dimensional imaging camera linked to a computer driven cutter. Instead we have to work by eye and by hand. Lynn asks why the lining cannot be leather. Answer: we want a super smooth "lift-off" and an "invisible" underlay support, free of wrinkles. Tomorrow I'll show some detail of the highly attractive hand-tooling on the 250 year old leather cover.


  1. hey 'roon,

    I like this, atmospheric and semispherical library action is hard to come by these days.

    A nice warm shot.



  2. Sounds like really detailed, fine work.

    Interesting comment you posted on my blog about looking at how much has stayed the same. Gave me pause to think several times today.

  3. Wow. Thanks for answering. Must be such delicate work.