Friday 16 February 2007

Don't mess with Richmond - # 20

Richmond Bridge was finished in late 1777 - 3 years in building. As you can see, the citizens of 1777 Richmond were worried about vandals and other nasty types spraying it with graffiti and breaking bits off it. They put up this warning IN STONE. Times have not changed!!!! Believe me!!! On 24 Dec 1777 Captain James Cook discovered Christmas Island. At about the same time, uncouth settlers in the American colonies caused a great deal of trouble. Britain decided to privatise them so as to get them off the balance sheet, and allow free enterprise to see what it could do with the problem. Freeing itself from the economic drag and political time wasting caused by America, Britain went on to build up a larger and more useful global enterprise elsewhere. Now who could argue with that interpretation of history? Well? Well?


  1. :) My interpretation is that they built better bridges way back then. In my town we recently had to close a brand new bridge temporarily to fix mistakes in the construction. I bet it won't be around a couple of centuries from now.

  2. Excuse me? I see someone has been imbibing too much lately :-)))

    The truth is that you (read: the Brits) tried to spread Socialism over here, in our Capitalism loving country. After your King George imposed his very first Tax, we removed our colonies from your sphere of influence – a bit forcefully I might add;-)))

  3. and I must not have been privy to the same history book...
    And Queen Charlotte may have known alot about dogs, but not enough about muts

  4. The more everything changes, the more it stays the same....Nice to know they were worried about vandals way back when.

  5. Ho, ho, and Tee, Hee! 'roony got you all going!! But Angela and per saw through to the core of the matter. Happy times to you all ;-)