Thursday 1 November 2007

some less usual views of Ham House (contd.) 3 - # 279

......."the 17 mile ride". This one hasn't quite worked but it deserves showing. The camera was blinded and failed to pick up the clear line of the ridge of the North Downs 17 miles away.

I checked the map and discovered that if you were able to set out from the house and drive down the "Great South Avenue" in the centre of the picture, and continue in an absolutely straight line, you would come to the point where the M25 joins with the M23 motorway 17 miles away.

The journey will take you through a highly urbanised landscape packed solid with houses, roads and motor traffic for all of the 17 miles. But if you look from the top floor of Ham House you will see what looks like an uninterrupted forest of trees stretching 17 miles right up to the high ridge of the North Downs at Redhill. You would imagine that houses and roads did not exist.


  1. It certainly is an optical illusion - i can't see one house!!!!

    What a great view to see every morning.

  2. ... so let's continue to imagine that there is only forest!

  3. That's right, cannot see a single building except, depending on leaf cover, you sometimes see (but only just) the tower block of Kingston Hospital just peeping out, about 3 miles away. Quite amazing.