Friday 7 September 2007

Anglo-Dutch friendship at Strand on the Green - # 223

Here, again, we see the high steps and walls to keep the high water out. The brick work indicates the age of the house. The style is's clearly English 18th Century but with a Dutch overtone. Next door on the left we can see a purely English style.

I wonder what deeper research would reveal? Was this the house of an Anglo-Dutch merchant who had founded a good business in the area and shipped his goods by barge after transferring from larger ships down in London?

Whatever the answer, it's a pleasant sight as we walk by the river.


  1. You know *how much* I love those house and that kind of style. Deeply.

  2. I think that's a combination of "step" and "bell" gable. Quite Dutch. I could never figure the reason for the gables, but this site suggests it's purley architectural exuberance, or a way of distinguishing the houses where the standard, thin vertical facade doesn't leave much room for individuality.
    (NB I know you had to turn the wortbestätigung back on, but can you turn the degree of difficult down to say primary six level?)

  3. Thes houses are just beautiful!! Maybe the owner had just been on a "tourist" trip to Amsterdam?