Sunday 16 September 2007

Just keep walking - # 232

We are in Southall, near London.

(the photo is in the style of and a tribute to the, currently resting, Dubai Daly Photo published by DXBluey)


  1. This lady is a real vision in pink. I used to visit Southall to buy my hippy Indian clothes.

    Sorry I missed some posts due to my visit to Uk (went to Hidcote Manor gardens - just glorious) and thankyou for your comment whilst I was away.

    Love your Titanic photo. Beautiful albeit scary, as you say.

  2. She does make a statement in pink.

  3. I'm glad to see that people observe the green man

  4. Chuck!
    It's been a long time uh?
    I'm saying good-bye today to DP blogging... even it's al ong time that I should had done it.
    Nice pic, don't you have white lines on the road?

  5. A mixed fashion; also wearing her jeans!