Saturday 1 September 2007

What happens if I make the wrong decision?- # 217

Another in my chronicle of hostelry research. Look at the concentration: the sheer hard work of it all. Enlarge the photo and notice the cool droplets condensed on the metal of the pumps....very refreshing in themselves.


  1. You're definitely working hard at this. And the farmers are definitely working hard in Villigen. Saw them harvesting corn today, and I managed to get a shot. Watch out for it.

    On the "mark-up" topic on Richard's blog:
    Mark-up, as in HTML. I tried to do this, but it all got messed up and it went something like: a href=""... this a

  2. that is a cool photo, i just ran across your blog and thought i would check it out, very detailed photos.

  3. This is a really different image, with a lot of character. The viewpoint really makes it for me, and the contrasty tones

  4. NB regarding z's comment, my blog doesn't allow markup - but it automatically creates a link if you type in a URL without any markup. I might add markup filtering, but I haven't time at the moment, and the only thing people need is links really. Probably I should include some instructions