Tuesday 11 September 2007

Great River madness- # 227

Contestants on the 22 miles (nearly 40 Km) run came in all shapes and sizes.

Crazy guys from Holland and mad, English, physically fit pensioners took part for fun and for their favourite charity:

Totally serious female Atlantic rowing ahtletes competed for pleasure!
......and strange dragon boats made the scene even more colourful.

See it all here and discover how the different classes got on: http://www.greatriverrace.co.uk/


  1. Looks fun! I guess the rules are not too strict!

    Also, fortunately it goes downstream. With the tide on its way out? You would hardly need to row?

  2. It does look like a fun event to photograph. I like the dragon ship.

  3. @Peter..true: the race starts at the moment of high tide. But it's a race so you must row...no drifting!

    The amazing thing is that people now fly in from all over the world to take part!

  4. Aha great fun§
    I love those creative and humorous events!