Wednesday 5 September 2007

Super security for brave and bold revellers - # 221

Here's more on the flood defences at Strand on the Green; that elegant yet eccentric Thames-side community.

Questions about yesterday's steps and doorway have been answered on that post # 220.

Here, in # 221, you can see the massive door that protects the downstairs bar of the "City Barge" pub. Naturally there is also an upstairs bar well above the water line. The food is excellent, the beer is first rate, and the atmosphere superb; ideal for crafty photographers.

The City Barge claims to have been on this site, under various names since at least 1484.


  1. How interesting and how ell done. the blue colour makes it look very maritime and if you hadn't told us I wouldn't know that this is protection against the floods of the Thames.

  2. Interesting again. Thanks for your good comments on yesterday's post!

    Since 1484! One of the oldest in England?

  3. Thanks for the comments on my blog. I appreciate your visits.

    I note the door here on the pub is massive. Is it really required to be so big and strong?

  4. Looks like a bank vault door! Fine balance required, to be next to a river.

  5. Reminds me our our Swiss nuclear bunker - which also has a touch of irony because most of them have now been re-purposed as wine-cellars

  6. I love the blue color and the fact that they have pretty curtains and flower boxes on the windows.

    Beside fish & chips, what would be a good dish to get here?