Friday 14 September 2007

(Belated) welcome to Southall- # 230

Back in August I wanted to feature the celebrations of 60 years of Independence for India and Pakistan. I lost the photos in a computer accident and have been unable to recover them.

So, here is my belated tribute to India and Pakistan via a new set of photos. The weather was a bit grey but nevertheless I still captured the colour of Southall.

Southall is a town in the western suburbs of London, close to Heathrow Airport where the population is, as far as one can tell, almost 100% Punjabi. As an Englishman, walking down the street gives you the feeling you are in Amritsar, not London.

As you can see, even the railway station has a sign written in an Indian script.


  1. Some call it 'Little India'.

    Southall is a totally different world, especially good for cheap Punjabi cuisine...mmmmm

  2. Thanks for sharing the 'Little India' in London to us...Its so much interesting knowing about our culture, which are in different parts of the world...a very lovely tribute indeed!

  3. Southall Broadway can appear to be almost 100% Punjabi to an Englishman. There are lots of Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims and Christians. Most of the immigrants are Asian. The recent influx is from Somalia and Poland. Most of the residents can converse in Punjabi.

    Asian immigrants came from small villages for a better life in the big city/country and as such you will find them around Southall Broadway. The original resident still reside on the outskirts.