Monday 10 September 2007

At the Start of the Great River Race- # 226

"Read all about it"

Every year crews from all over the world come to London to take part in the Great River Race, to celebrate the River Thames and London.

Fairies come (as above).

Glamourous ladies come and......
Serious Canadians come.

Tomorrow I'll show some more.

Described by many as "London's other Marathon", the Great River Race is London's most colourful and spectacular river event. Each year contestants compete in a 22 mile race between Richmond and Greenwich to find the UK Traditional Boat Champions. Up to 300 traditional boats, from wherries to war canoes, and from Cornish gigs to watermen's cutters, take part.
This year's race took place on Saturday 8th September with the first boats setting off from Richmond at approximately 12:55 pm.


  1. I had to scurry away to look up "wherry". And I take it the lady with the miniskirt and handcuffs isn't there in the employ of the authorities?

  2. Fabulous! Never heard of it, nice telling us (me)! So the cover just the distance that the Meridian was changed (your comment on my blog)!

  3. I hope the pretty girl in the 2nd photo isn't competing in the river race in that outfit.