Thursday 27 September 2007

Hints of Autumn- # 243

There's already a nip in the air, and the ground has become very dry. Leaves are turning yellow. This Heron is in his usual perch above "his" pond.

The picture's not pin sahrp. I've cropped it a bit, and had to zoom in to enlarge the Heron: and I tweaked the colour contrasts to boost the autumnal look, but on the whole, that's how things are looking now in Richmond Park. I need a longer lens to capture this bird in his element.


  1. Superb. Colours are wonderful and the heron and his pond, just classic. Looks sharp to me but then I'm not wearing my glasses!

  2. Is that a chestnut tree on the left? Watch out for bonkers ;-)

  3. Quite an unusual setting - well not unusual for a heron, but nice composition with the trees dominating. Bird photography is very specialised, unless they are tame or in a zoo. 600mm F4 £5000 - Christmas is coming

  4. Haven't been able to check out the fields around Villigen all week, but judging by the vehicles trundling up and down Hauptstrasse, the farmers have been busy. As for bird photos, I recently stumbled upon the method of "digiscoping" using a spotting scope mated to a digital camera. Here's a blog with links to a bunch of goodies. Cheaper than what Richard is suggesting.

    I answered your question about prices on my blog. They're there, they're just astonishingly high so you probably thought they were model numbers or something.