Tuesday 25 September 2007

Idols and images - # 241

India is truly a land of colour, as much in the mind as in the flesh. This display of images in a Southall supermarket says it all. Travellers and invaders have been impressed by Indian philosophies over thousands of years.

By the way: to those who placed a question yesterday, about the subtitle......it's "East meets West and triumphs".


  1. Are the customers more or less Indians only? At a first glance, I would say that this would not fit too well as decoration in my flat, but who knows...? If you really start to look for an object.

  2. Great photo! Not only is there lots to look at, but it captures meanings & ironies on many different levels.

    Thanks for a great blog...

  3. This is certainly a colourful trip around Southall, but I doubt I'd want my mantle piece or widow sills filled with these!

    I guess a lot of them have religious significance.

    Thanks for your recent comments at
    South Shields Daily Photo

  4. Hmmmm - I'm not sure that these nick-nacks do justice to the depth and tradition of the Vedas. (But then maybe they're not supposed to, and I'm sure someone will pick me up on the relationship or not of the Vedas to Indian religion(s) and philosphies)

  5. I love the blue colored idols. They are so distinct.