Wednesday 19 September 2007

Girls love bangles- # 235

Here's a shop selling everything that is deeply loved by the female of the species! Look at the colourful rack of bracelets so well displayed as if it is a demonstration of the light spectrum! Look at the necklaces, and the hair clips!

Indian ladies have always known how to dress up; and the same can be said of ladies all over the world. Southall highstreet is full of shops catering to the tastes of the ladies.


  1. ... and the beautiful saris as a start!

  2. But I can't see any chocolate?

  3. Come to the Street Parade here in Zurich and you'll see quite a few blokes kitted out in these baubles (and not much else)

  4. Nice looking things there. It kind of reminds me of those shops on the streets in Japan who sold Kimonos.

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