Monday 3 September 2007

Strand on the Green goes under the microscope - # 219

I've done four postings of views of this small riverside community close to Kew Bridge.

The first was taken from Kew Bridge towards Strand on the Green:

It's a charming and puzzling place where the houses are build right alongside the river with special raise doors to keep out floods. Here you can see the early 18th Century terraces close to the towpath, and you can see how the high tide has flooded over and made the pavement wet and totally inaccessible for a half hour or more.

This view is looking back to Kew Bridge from where I took the first photo. More will follow.


  1. At first I though the tree was being carried along with the stream, but upon reading your text, it seems that it's still planted and *merely* flooded. I'd like to see a photo of the special raise doors if it's possible.

  2. Beautiful. I remember this area from the years I lived in Wimbledon and later Ealing. Often visited your neck of the woods.

    Fabulous cricket photo yesterday. Loved the energy in it. Nothing like cricket on the village green! I miss that.

  3. Like Jilly I was a little confused until I read your comments.

    Lovely photos with moody lighting making it very eerie.

  4. So, they get wet feet every flood? Like z I would like to see how they protect their houses and gardens. I guess it will follow tomorrow?