Friday 31 August 2007

Enjoying the company of others - # 216

Around Richmond there are many excellent and very old inns that still retain many of their original oak beams and walls that are hundreds of years old.

I am trying capture the atmosphere and quality of these places, but this involves research and hard work - as you can imagine! Several repeat visits may be necessary.

Strand on the Green is an interesting riverside settlement that is also "under my microscope".

Here is my rendering of "The Bull's Head", a very old riverside pub at Strand on the Green, near Kew Bridge.


  1. Tough for you to have to do all this "research"! Don't overdo it!

  2. Perfect - wood beams, cask ale, pub lunches

  3. I like those old-fashioned inns. Here are a lot which we call 'Brauhaus', brewery's house. I think I should take some photos next time I visit one.