Monday 11 February 2008

All tied up- # 08/14

How many different things can you spot on this mooring post on Brentford riverside? I found what looks like a zip-fastener!

BTW..... @Peter etc I'll try to answer the horse power question ref the steam engine.


  1. I can spot a lot of things, but I cannot name them all in English.
    I like detailed photos with a tpuch of decay and soft colours like here.

  2. I would like to copy April's comments, with her permission! ... and looking forward to the promised answer on the engine!

  3. Interesting trying to figure out why you took the picture? LOL

  4. Can't see the zip! Just adore the colours. This is one of my favourite photos you've taken - or rather than I've seen, Churckeroon. Superb. People spend fortunes on paint trying to get this effect!