Thursday 21 February 2008

Brentford resident - # 08/24

The old canal harbour area is a strange mixture of brand new urban development ("luxury" flats), ancient decay awaiting renewal, and 1950s post-war recovery stuff that is falling back into decay, no doubt waiting to become more "luxury" flats. These derelict sites are ideal for our much loved feathered friends, who act as feeding stock for the peregrin falcons of the area.


  1. Yes, looks like a future luxury flat. The poor pigeon has to look for another place!

  2. Its refreshing to see a pigeon perching - rather than waddling around scavenging under your feet. Any chance of a peregrine/pigeon encounter, "red in tooth and claw"?

  3. I suppose this will all be trendy one day. Love the shot. Love how the colours of the bird are echoed in the broken glass.