Friday 8 February 2008

The beginning of Revelation - # 08/11

Revelations may come slowly, being formed during many episodes. The engine is enormous and can only be revealed in several photos. I want to show the texture and magnitude and the great style of whole structure in its engine-house flooded with sunlight through large, very elegant Georgian style windows.

It is an amazing construction where art and science combine. Aesthetic design is paramount. Engineering perfection is the absolute guide. Function and form bring great pleasure and extreme utility.

Here you see the cast iron stairway that leads to the first of two floors above the ground.

The engine is supported by huge cast iron columns moulded as those you see in a Greek temple. Here you see the base of those columns.

Remember that this was designed and built in 1846 to pump water for London.

Camera: Olympus C7070 WZ


  1. Very impressive lines and curves - ditto yesterday's. But as I know diddley-s..t about engines, you may lose me. But then we could say that about cameras...

    Anyway I'm enjoying the quality of the photos and the writing - which I'm loving.

    Maybe it's going to be Thomas the Tank Engine?

  2. Impressive machinery.

  3. Great perspective here, you seem to like the same photographic motives. On Sunday I took some of Severin's Bridge in a similar way.