Thursday 28 February 2008

Karl Moritz, Julius Caesar and Brentford - # 08/30

Before we dive into "deepest dockland" and experience the old 1805 atmosphere we must take a look back towards Kew Bridge. Karl Moritz, our 1782 German visitor, crossed into Richmond at this point. However, it was not by ferry. My early research overlooked the fact that the first bridge was built in 1759/60 (and a new bridge came in 1790 - this was not mentioned in the information I first discovered). I always felt that Karl had not used a ferry....his description of the easy arrival in Richmond, on the regular coach service through Chiswick from central London always made me suspicious: it was too slick. At last I have found out why.

The ferryman noted the expanding traffic and built the first bridge in 1759/60. This bridge, used by Karl, actually spanned the river at the point where you can see the tip of the island. The new bridge was built where you see it now, and renewed yet again in the early 20th C.

The main channel of the river runs on the other side of the island, but you can see that Brentford was always an important crossing point. The tides fall very low here, and the Romans are believed to have used this point to ford the river in AD 51 on their march towards the Midlands.


  1. Great history lesson along here - very interesting1!!

  2. Et la rivière n'est pas canalisée à cet endroit ?

    La lumière est merveilleuse en cette saison, la même je pense qu’à l'automne, les arbres ont une couleur brune très particulière, gorgée de vie. le ciel est très pâle, et vois comme la rivière reflète le ciel en le magnifiant et prend un éclat de lapis-lazuli bleu soutenu somptueux