Friday 22 February 2008

Never throw anything away - # 08/25

Here's an in depth look at the busy yard where the barges are maintained and converted. It seems to be extremely busy. I love places like this and could not resist taking this photo.

AND................there are more! Won't that be nice?


  1. Seems to be extremely falling to bits - I thought this was a continuation of the previous flotsam and jetsam series.

    Some very strong compositional features here - diagonals, verticals, jumble.

  2. I too love photos like this - all those colours, all those 'things' not that I know what half are.

    you can perhaps tell I live with clutter...

  3. HiChuckeroon, here I am trying to recapture your last posts on my weekly visit… ;) and glad to find a superb sunset. Not «your finest», but a great shot anywhere... The ship of delights also made my delight! And the Brentford posts drew my attention to what will be happening next. Great job!
    Thanks for your comments at Blogtrotter, where I’m still strolling around the streets of Sofia.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. I love that composition of yours. Junk can be so attractive, can't it? I'm a mix of keeper and thrower, personally. I love junk yards, I find these places extremely stimulating.

  5. That looks like my desk! lol Another good photo there - lots to keep the interest.

  6. I hope my house doesn't look like this someday.

  7. OUAIS ! Not only nice, gorgeous !
    Grandiose. Déliquescent. Cela ferait un très beau décor pour un film de sciences fiction / la fin du monde
    Et au moins personne ne demanderait "avez vous essuyé vos pieds avant d'entrer ?"