Wednesday 20 February 2008

Brentford dreaming - # 08/23

The old and the new. Mudlarks down on the mud, prospecting for gold. Tide out. Funky apartments built on industrial dockland. 1801 - 2008: a long time. A quick snap and then the dream was broken as the two turned away and walked back. No second chance.

Camera: Olympus C7070 WZ at 110mm f5.6 direct into the setting sunlight
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  1. Wow - I looked at this and thought "malaria heaven" and then realised where it was - oops!!!

  2. I wonder why I am thinking this would smell bad each time the tide went out? Does it have any particular smell?

  3. Amazing landscape for new flats!! Yes, but why not?

  4. You may remember I paid homage to your river posts in my own "Raging Torrent".
    I said my little drain could not compare to the River Brent - I'm starting to change my mind!

    (Was that nasty? It wasn't meant to be!)

  5. This is quite the photo....does it smell?

  6. @Everyone.....once and for all "No, it does not smell!!!!"