Thursday 14 February 2008

The Lost World - or - "Peeker-Boo"- # 08/17

We're still at the riverside in Brentford. A few days ago Freefalling asked if boats were allowed to lie and rot, unremoved.

Look closely and you will see the answer! Here is a full size Dutch motor barge, left rotting at the quayside, the bushes growing out of the deck planking. Don't ask me how or why: but I'll bet there's a "point of law" in there somewhere, and the whole case has ended up in the "too difficult" bin.


  1. Hi Chuckeroon, I’m back after a short break… and glad to land here on your amazing structures!
    Thanks for your comments at Blogtrotter
    Wish you had a happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. It seems like such a waste!
    Couldn't someone make it pretty and live in it?
    Although, this one is probably past that point!
    Maybe it makes a good home for water creatures.
    And I can't believe some little bureaucratic man hasn't come along, huffing and puffing for its removal!

  3. A pity to see this abandoned barge... but it gave you an opportunity for an excellent photo; the colour scheme is very specific!