Sunday 17 February 2008

Sunset looking from Ham towards Twickenham - # 08/20

Perhaps not my "finest photo", but too good to miss posting today. It celebrates the wonderful sunsets we are enjoying at the moment, and also how lucky we are here to have these river views. The lighting is all natural. The reflections in the water are from the sun bouncing off the white hulls of the boats moored at Hammerton's Ferry. The sky is pretty much "as seen". You can make out the con-trails of the intercontinental jets racing in from North America, finding their turning point near Heathrow and streaking off towards the mainland of Europe. (In this area you can sometimes see probably 20-30 planes all at different heights: if each has 300 on board that is 6,000 people in the sky!!!!). On the tow path, the puddles reflect water left behind after the recent high tide that has overtopped the bank, making the path impassable for an hour or two.


Camera: Olympus E3 (setting- I think - WB "Cloudy" with one tick into the Amber. "Good Old Oly!")


  1. What is it with sunsets at the moment?!
    You are kinda sciencey, aren't you?
    Is there some kind of sky/earthy/atmospherey thing going on around the world this month?
    Lots of people are posting sunset photos at CDP at the moment (me included).
    Obviously, the beauty of sunsets speaks to everyone the world over.
    And I love the tones in this sunset photo - not garish oranges and reds and yellows but champagne and bronze tinged.

  2. I forgot to ask - about what time was this taken?

  3. Its a magic time of night and i think you have nailed it. Great Shot!

  4. If it's not one of your finest, you must show us your finest to let us compare! This one must at least be on the top list? I very much liked this one and your comments!

  5. Beautiful shot and perfect timing!
    I love the gold in the water...

  6. @Arrat....your are right about the sunsets. This was taken at 16.44 on 8 Feb. a) it's the time of year and the ideal angle of the sun in late autumn/end winter. b) I don't know, but suspect that there is also something going on in the atmosphere. But, you are, in my opinion quite right to ask.....there's something to notice. I haven't seen any press comment about it. Need to ask the Met Office.