Monday 4 February 2008

Time and tide - # 08/07

Morning mist is still thick and the tide is out. Beyond the derelict old motor barge you can see a curving silver streak. It is a small monument marking a "significant event". This is the point where the River Brent enters the the Thames. Tomorrow I will show you why it's "significant".

Camera: Olympus E3


  1. Great photos&blog mate.
    Looks very professional.


  2. Looks nice and misty and damp and not too cold. Did you do anything to the colours?
    I'm glad you told us about the silver curve; I was trying to figure out what part of a boat it was!

  3. Very cool photo.
    So much to look at!
    Does it get smelly when it is like this?
    No dead bodies.
    Some of those birds are fantastic - one in the foreground, landing, and the black one, mid image.
    Are they allowed to leave old boats there just to rot?

  4. This is just beautiful!!! In my opinion, one of your best shots!

  5. This is a nice shot, as Peter has said, but I could not imagine walking down the street one minute and see water up to the top and an hour later, coming back and seeing the mud with a little water in the middle. That would take some getting used to.

  6. Encore une magnifique image auréolée de mystère. Le mystère de la Tamise qui se mêle parfois d'eau de mer. Alors l'on peut faire cette nuance en français qui je crois n'existe pas en anglais : la Tamise est un fleuve.
    Un fleuve est une rivière qui se jette dans la mer, que ce soit la Tamise, la Seine ou le Nil, le Danube. Ou l'AA qui est très court (80km), mais qui est un fleuve

    Les mouettes sont à l'affut, comme le photographe, pour saisir leur chance. Elles offrent alors un instant de grâce en tournoyant sur place.

  7. What a fantastic shot. So lyrical.